Monday, April 07, 2014

Innovators Dilemma

Reading this book was a real eye opener. On one hand, corporates push themselves to fine tune existing process and ideas to stay ahead and be profitable. But the dark horses gallop ahead due to their ability to think outside the box.

There are logically right ways of doing things. And then there are also different ways of doing things. This book has taken real time manufacturing stories and showed us with scientific proof how important it is to keep constantly innovating on core strengths as well as maintaining a parallel thought process to usurp the market.

The author gives faith to all those who believe in their ideas and to keep pushing ahead because there are always opportunities in all segments of the market. Thought provoking.

The thing I most admire about the author is the way he has methodically deconstructed the trajectory of innovations over time and graphically demonstrated how disruptive innovations have grabbed the market.

A must read.

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