Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Bride for a Vote

Just when it seems that change is happening for the better, along comes some lame brained escapist news that is enough to make us sigh and get our blood boiling

Today’s news of rediff at “” shows how backward we Indians still are. Here is an excerpt:

“"Bahu dilao, vote pao" (Get us a bride for our vote) is the demand of Avivahit Purush Sangthan (Unmarried Union).”

The only reason many states in India have such a skewed gender ratio is because of female foeticide. First they kill their own daughters and then they search for brides for their sons? How hypocritical can people be? As if the political parties can manufacture brides for these poor helpless bachelors. And the further killing of the baby girls goes on. There is no suggestion that can be given in this case other than “Stop killing girls”. Empower them and be proud of their presence.

At a time when western nations are grappling with futuristic issues like childhood obesity and land conservation, we are not even addressing the grassroot problems. Many African nations who we look down upon for their dark skin, poor economy and underdevelopment atleast are more accommodating when it comes to their fairer gender.

We have a very very long way to go to call ourselves a fair (pun intended) race.

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