Thursday, July 03, 2014

Book – Three Truths of Well Being – by Sadhguru


Been a while since I was so desperate to read a book till its end. No matter how sleepy I was, time had to be made every night to complete a part of this one. Perhaps the word to describe it is “Simplicity”. Sadhguru has actually given a short, sweet and contrite set of material on how to approach life by covering the three most basic simple things.

Body, Food and Mind

That’s it. He has not gone round and round trying to explain something which we don’t even know. Instead, he has left his words for us to decide. Believe it or don’t, doesn’t matter. He has just given instructions based on experiences and the collective knowledge of our elders. What I loved most is that he has not tried justifying anything. He just says “here’s the truth. Here is the checklist. Try it out.”

As icing on the cake, there are simple, clear instructions at the end of each chapter for those interested. They are indeed feasible and anyone can try them for a peek into oneself. No hold barred, no preparation necessary, no religious connotations. Just basic humanity being addressed. There is also an Isha Kriya DVD with the book for a very simple start into meditation for those interested.

I will be reading this book again and would ask you to try it too.

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