Saturday, May 23, 2015

Centred in Self


The word Self-Centred has such a convoluted meaning. Most of us think a self-centred person is one who cares only about him/herself. Which is right. But we need to also throw some thought out there for the one who is centred in the self. By that, I would say this is a person who is so stable and centred in his/her mind that all decisions and responses come as a culmination of the best decisions.

Recently, I happened to discover that someone who I work with but never truly observed who possessed this trait. It is a joy to work with someone like this as they are always clear about themselves. No fear and most importantly no worries. He always told me, why worry when there is nothing that is going to change because of it. Instead, transform that worry into persistence and the refusal to be helpless.

Being centred means no unnecessary reactions to external stimuli. Every response is from the soul. From the heart. A product of instinct and logic.

For a self centred person, everything is about him/herself. But for a person centred in the self, it is all about living his/her life and responding to life to the benefit of others and self. It is a path of righteousness.