Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Google Play, where is my Nexus after 19 days?

Let’s play this out in the classic infatuation style. I get smitten by the Nexus 5 and so pick a flower and begin pulling petals…The Nexus will come, the Nexus won’t come. Repeat 12 times.
Onto more serious stuff. Seeing the 32 GB Nexus 5 in stock on the Google Play Store on 21-Nov-13, I decide to go for it and place an order on 22-Nov-13. The status at the time showed “Leaves warehouse by November 29, 2013”. But nothing happened on 29-Nov-13.
29-Nov-13 – No change in status on site
30-Nov-13 -– No change in status on site
01-Dec-13 – Hearbreak begins. No change in status on site
02-Dec-13 – Heartbreak in progress but…..No change in status on site
03-Dec-13 – I check if the status on site is carved in stone but….No change in status on site
04-Dec-13 – I make the first desperate call to Google Support. I am greeted warmly by a customer service representative who tells me that my phone is just getting boxed and ready for shipment within 48 hours. Alright! My phone’s coming!
05-Dec-13 – I receive an enigmatic mail about how to track the shipment. But…. you guessed it. No change in status on site

11-Dec-13 – No change in status on site – Still shows pending

Awesome company (no sarcasm). But should maybe leave the hardware sales to more seasoned giants. Its a different ballgame.
PS – No change in status on site after 13 days.

Edit: The phone was received on 16-Jan-14 after a customer service representative called me to confirm that it will be delivered. The phone is fantastic for its range. That is a whole different story.

Moral of the story: Very happy to have a Nexus 5.

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