Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Learning to detach


This is so hard to understand that I clutched at straws learning to let go. Learning to detach is also a practised approach. When I say detach, I do not mean giving up everything and becoming a sage. There are people who you adore and love which gives you the urge to be around them always. While one part of the love is love for what it is, the other part is attachment which grows like a weed. The irony is that love and attachment are mutually exclusive. Attachment while good to wallow becomes an vice that leads to envy. Attachment stems from fear of losing that exclusivity, the desire to be in the other’s life is so strong that it chokes everything.

Love on the other hand knows no boundaries; it is selfless, pure and distilled in the eithers. It can never possess. It can only welcome always and anyone is welcome. Love attracts, it cannot coerce. It is this reason why attachment and love stay apart. Love grants your wings, peace, serenity. Suddenly it falls together. Suddenly it is indescribable. Suddenly I realize that all is quiet within. The silence always beckoned. I just never heard it then.

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