Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dropping Bogies


The 6.00 am rumble of the train woke me up. Another hour to go. Standing outside looking at the endless track with the cool breeze hitting the face served as a reminder of what life bestowed. The oncoming train signalled another’s life process.

We all bundle up our emotions, thoughts, feelings at each phase of our life and compartmentalize them. We go back to that bogie when we want to. We never really need to go back to it. But we thrive on living in that bogie of thoughts for a while as it comforts us.

Along the way, we gather many bogies till a time comes when we start wondering why life is a drag. Rarely do we realize that our additional forgotten bogies are weighing us down. Many bogies mean richer experience but the strength required to pull them may lack. We need to drop many a bogie along the way. The experience has happened. It is done. Now we need to move on with renewed gusto.

Drop a bogie, one at a time. Say goodbye to it happily for it was necessary at the time, but not now. Keep adding bogies too, the new, strong, shining, useful ones.

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