Thursday, November 08, 2012

The White Rose


There is something in a white rose that forces rapt attention. It comes in just one colour – white.

Ask any man what he thinks of when he sees a white rose and most probably the order of priority would be his special woman, purity, trust, the untouched.

Ask any woman what she thinks of when she sees a white rose and she may choose purity, innocence, trust, understanding, commitment

The white rose also signifies peace, calm, spirituality, serenity, respect and virtue in love.

Notice that no two roses are the same just like us.

They are never symmetrical just like us.

The petals go in layer after layer till there is nothing within just like us.

Their attraction is in their unseen fragrance just like our unseen vibes.

Perhaps that is why we have never really understood what draws us so much to this ubiquitous, colourless and yet a truly enigmatic creation of nature.

So take some time off and go gift a rose. Its uplifting.

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