Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Many Lives, Many Masters–Dr. Brian Weiss



Dr. Brian had great guts to write this book. He went against his career rules of scientific learnings and wrote about what he found when regressing into his patients’ past lives. This book is a strong reminder that all that we see is not all that is.

It also gives us a glimpse of the soul and how we operate in other dimensions. Being metaphysical, it will be hard to digest as nothing is proven. But just because it isn’t does not make it untrue.

The book also shows us how caught up we are in the circle of routine and life. There were some lovely lessons that I picked up. If only I could apply them now.

Most of all, this book was recommended to me by someone who saw in me what I could not myself. I thank this gentleman for seeing me as someone worth spending precious time with. But then, I guess that is how the world goes around. Not by routine, but by what energies we share with one another to ensure a common uplifting of all life.

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