Thursday, October 06, 2011

God’s Gender

I’m an agnostic. Yet, I cannot help but wonder the trail of thought in the human mind. Time and again, across all religions I know, people refer to God as HIM. Whether God exists inside each one of us or outside is in our perception. The interesting thing still being that both genders refer to God as HIM.

This must make me a maverick. I find God to be more of a HER, if a gender must to be assigned. I would’ve ideally just left it at something of a higher power without a gender but let’s just stick with this.

The masculine energy denotes aggression, power, and offense. But it is the feminine energy which is receptive, loving, caring and understanding. Every one of us has both attributes within. When we choose to balance the two, we are at peace with ourselves. While the masculine vibes are testosterone driven, the feminine soothes and keeps everyone rooted to their purpose. The feminine receptivity also teaches us to accept everything around for what they are and give everyone a chance to see themselves deep within.

Great wars have been fought over such fragility. These wars have been accepted and best sellers written. The marauders have always been men and hordes of innocent lives have been lost all to make a woman part of a harem. The thrill of the hunt seems to drive the male more than the actual spoil itself. These numerous glorified stories always have the same ending. Deaths and sacrifice romanticized to justify man’s killing.

We associate God with compassion. Pure love irrespective of any deed committed. Compassion is at the highest level of love where one feels grateful and wishes well for all others. This is one of the most powerful feminine traits for keeping peace and moving on the path of spirituality. Compassion alleviates suffering. It causes us to empathize with our fellow organisms. It is a natural feminine instinct and the virtue that we see in ourselves when we seek God and wish that God treats us the same way.

So perhaps God could be a SHE more often that not. Or is it just a reminder for us?


Neeru's Corner said...

I know what to refer GOD from now om!

Time to analyze and go into deep thought. That was a good one!

AzureLearning said...

Quite an interesting one...especially tht iota of imagining God as feminine...As far as I enquired and found out, the Vedic readers told that the first form that ever came across the universe was a dhwani(or a sound) -titled "OM" one yet knows its origins, though...and then came the Ardhnarishwar roopam (combination of male and female form) embibing as mentioned by you, the respective energy vibes

"Tatwam Asi" is what I believe in the most. No matter whatever or wherever we go and worship any form, until and unless we find God inside Us, it would not answer to our logical questionings and reasonings