Saturday, October 15, 2011


There lived a great Master deep in the jungle on a mountain. Common knowledge was that it was very hard to reach him and only the most devout could make the journey.

 A short tempered man who wished to see the light decided to become the Master’s disciple. He sought peace with himself and embarked on the arduous journey. He battled the weather and the forest. Insects and other parasites made a meal of him on the way. But all through, the man saw only the final goal of being the disciple of this great Master.

After climbing the final cliff, the man reached the abode of the Master. The calluses on his hand and the grazes on his body seemed to fade away as he approached the door. With trepidation, he opened the huge door. It creaked after years of being closed. The sight of the Master humbled the man as he approached him. The man had finally reached his goal.

Falling at his feet, he asked him in all earnestness, “I have traveled long and hard to reach you to be your faithful disciple. Please show me the path to enlightenment”

The Master opened his eyes and asked “On which side of the door did you leave your slippers when you entered my abode?” The man looked at the Master in disbelief and asked in anger “What sort of a question is that? I’ve crossed the most difficult barriers to be your disciple and you ask me a question about my slippers?!”

The Master replied “Seeking to be on the path requires great awareness of oneself in each and every action undertaken. If you do not know where you left your slippers, you are unaware of any action you make. Without this very first step, I cannot teach you anything. You may return.”

This seemingly ridiculous statement has so much latent meaning in it. Everything we do in our daily lives is more out of routine. We mindlessly follow the grind so much that creativity is lost. Awareness of our every step keeps us rooted to the purpose of our existence. Like sweeping a floor, cooking, walking or playing with a child.

When we are aware of exactly what we are doing, there is no ego at the fore challenging our hearts. We hear the soft voice of our instinct showing us the path.

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