Friday, September 09, 2011

Tip & Thank

Who do you tip?
  • I tip the exhausted hotel bike parking attendants. They have a thankless job of arranging bikes in the rain, sun, wind and sewerage
  • I tip the doorman. They have to salute us even though we are not their masters.
  • I tip the sweating courier boys. They run around to give you what you couldn’t have gotten anyway.
  • I tip the dirty street kid selling balloons. My child enjoys the warmth of a car but not this equally darling child who stands in that pollution. 
  • I tip the municipal workers who work in foul smells everyday. They clean up our crap and we don’t even notice them.

Who do you thank?
  • I thank the angry kirana store owner. It brightens up his day.
  • I thank the grumpy bank cashier. His face livens up to wish me back
  • I thank our office maintenance chaps. They work in the background with no air conditioning to give it to us instead
  • I thank customer service representatives. They fix my problems.
  • I thank the security guards and police. They have to keep miscreants at bay for our sake.
  • I thank my colleagues at work. I wouldn’t be here without them.
  • I thank my family for keeping me happy. I wouldn’t be living my life without them.
  • I thank my critics. They act as my mirror
  • I thank the universe for making me, me.


Neeru's Corner said...

Great template Shankar...:)

AzureLearning said...

The tips and thanks are the facets which many people do not tend to think of normally. A very well laden crisp thought which has its own small significance. Some understand, some don't.

Vidhyashankar K said...

Thank you both. If even one person understands the vibes, change will happen