Thursday, September 01, 2011

Creative Director–Power of feelings

This video has the capability to either rip your heart in two or implode it within your chest. The Creative Director of this video or the idea is a person who understands the meaning of human values and knows exactly where to hit humanity. It thrusts hidden emotions to the surface and halted me for a few seconds.

I had the privilege of working with a member of the creative team of Sista Saatchi & Saatchi (SS & S), Hyderabad back in 1997. SS&S was a company with a few big names under its belt and the best recall I have till date is how the Creative Director is worshipped in ad agency by some and hated by others.

Very often in an ad agency, associates down the hierarchy think that all it takes is one good idea. Some of them work under the Creative Director and then decide to start their own ad agency by taking away some business. Agreed. But coming up with that trump card of an idea requires wisdom and years of many failures in understanding people. Yes, failure. Because only in failure do you realize mistakes and fine tune your faculties and the mind to respect the purpose of man being put on this earth as the highest being of intelligence.

We take our 5 senses for granted. A friend of mine has anosmia. This means the “inability to smell”. This friend cannot smell a rose. Or any of the billion other fragrances for that matter. Ever wondered how this would be? This friend has no need to walk into a perfume store or cannot choose flowers for a loved one. Life is quite simple in a way but also so much missed.

If you’ve been racing till now, take a break to smell the roses (pun intended). Tell your loved ones how much you care for them. Go for a walk and give thanks to the universe for your existence. For we are a miniscule dot in this universe. And still so needed.

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