Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Amazon.com Customer Service


Placed an order on amazon.com from India to deliver stuff worth $50 to a friend in the US returning to India soon. I read the terms and conditions carefully about shipping methods and rates and chose the Free Super Saver Delivery because I thought there was ample time.

I missed seeing the part where it mentioned that there is a time gap from
the order date to the shipping date. The shipping date is decided on the type
of delivery method chosen and my choice meant that shipping would commence only about a week later as the items would be sent as one single package when they were all available. This put me in a predicament because this delay of one week would cause the items to get returned as my friend would have returned to India.

I mailed amazon describing what I’d done and agreed to pay extra for faster shipping. I received a mail in about 4 hours that the shipping method would be changed to 2-day shipping at no extra cost to enable me to receive my items.

This kind of service just blew me away. I normally wouldn’t have expected
such a quick response for a $50 value. But this commitment and action has
obliged to amazon.com for sure hereafter.

The items were packaged separately and delivered today even as I post this
blog. I sincerely thank Amazon.com for their fantastic customer service. Even
more so because they did it free of charge when I was willing to pay extra for
MY mistake. Two thumbs’ up from this loyal customer.

I just wish amazon.com shipped to India. But with our archaic customs
rules, many packages may only get lost or confiscated and customers would take their ire out on amazon.com instead of the government officials. Maybe amazon can include another validation and disclaimer for items shipped to India. But it just wouldn’t be the same.

Thank you amazon.

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