Thursday, September 10, 2009

B-Twin Bike Mirror

Got this mirror from Krish of for my Trek 4300. Note that these mirrors are made for mounting on the left side of the handlebar. We in India ride on the left of the road and so need the mirror to be mounted on the right side of the handlebar.
No fret. This was only too easily resolved by removing the mirror support screw and turning the mirror the other way as shown in the photo.

Mounting the mirror was a 2 minute job. Took a blade and cut a hole in the handlebar grip smaller than the diameter of the mirror mount so that the fit would be snug. Pushed it into the handlebar and turned the mounting screw to fit it just tight.

The initial ride with this mirror was very good. Jumped off a kerb and it stayed in place. Went over a few bad roads and it still stayed in place without flopping down. The quality of the mirror is well above average and visibility on the road is excellent. The mirror can be turned to suit almost all angles of viewing based on the rider’s height and angle. The plastic used is very good and the mirror itself is made of unbreakable acrylic plastic (unless a car runs over it in case of a fall). There was no image distortion.

Highly recommended.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for this post. Very helpful for someone like me wanting to get the same sort of mirror for my bike!