Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Suryanamaskar–The all rounder


Possibly one of the best all round yoga program that looks after health, energy boost and body toning, the Suryanamaskar set of asanas can be done in just 10 minutes each morning to provide enough energy for the rest of the day.

Surya Namaskar is practised every morning in front of the rising or the warm sun. But since most of us may not have the luxury, it can be practised at home on a mat. This is NOT meant to be done on a hard floor. A well ventilated room will do.

The set of movements are to be done consecutively, in a smooth and graceful manner, with the correct breathing. A complete cycle or round comprises of all the twelve movements.

The program exercises all the major muscles of the body and keeps it flexible and supple. Most lifestyle diseases are kept at bay. Common colds occur with rarity. The immune system and the endocrine system are balanced well to keep viruses at bay. There is plenty of information online.

Suryanamaskar has become a mainstay with even athletes who use it to loosen up stiff muscles. Celebrities practice it for an overall uplift.

4-6 rounds a day can be practised and increased if necessary. An interesting statement made by a doctor from a corporate hospital was “12 rounds of Suryanamaskar is equal to half an hour of jogging”. While I may not agree with the statement as jogging is a cardio, I would be inclined to agree on the stamina boost since Suryanamaskar is a mild cardio when done properly without wobbling.




Pranamasana DSC04143


Ardhachandrasana DSC04144 Inhale
Padahastasana DSC04145 Exhale
Ekpadprasarnasana DSC04146 Inhale

Chaturanga Dandasan

DSC04147 Exhale
Ardhakurmasana DSC04148 Inhale and Exhale
Ashtanga Namaskara DSC04149 Inhale and Exhale
Bhujangasana DSC04150 Inhale
Adho Mukha Svanasana DSC04151 Exhale
Ardhakurmasana DSC04148 Inhale and Exhale
Ekpadprasarnasana DSC04152 Inhale
Padahastasana DSC04145 Exhale
Ardhaclhandrasana DSC04144 Inhale
Pranamasana DSC04143 Exhale

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